Ades Arqueología y Patrimonio Cultural


ADES is a project created for the management and dynamisation of Archaeological and Cultural Heritage.

ADES offers you a wide range of services that cover the needs derived from current legislation.

Such as excavations or archaeological surveys in relation to environmental impact studies or urban planning regulations. We also offer you the possibility of carrying out projects for the dissemination of Cultural Heritage and the enhancement of historical and archaeological elements, to integrate them into tourist routes.

Work and collaborate

ADES works and collaborates with experienced archaeologists, university professors, documentalists, computer scientists, draughtsmen, ethnographers and photographers; professionals from various fields with more than twenty years of experience in this sector.

Work for companies

ADES works for Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Construction, Restoration, Mining, Hydroelectric and Wind Energy companies, as well as for official organisations - Regional Administrations, City Councils, Provincial Councils, Local Action Groups, Foundations, Associations - or private individuals who require advisory services in the field of Cultural Heritage.

Scope of action

Our field of action for years has been Castilla y León, especially Burgos, Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia, Soria, Ávila and Salamanca. However, we also have collaborators in nearby communities (Madrid, La Rioja, Basque Country, Asturias and Castilla La Mancha).

It offers you

ADES offers you advice, solvency, dedication, commitment, formality, reliability and permanent dialogue during the process of a job.
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